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July 15, 2013
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Adam had sent me out mining again, fearing he would be ambushed by those damn squids. Completely ignoring my protest, he sent me off with some budder pickaxes, a pumpkin head, and no sword.

"Stupid God of freakin' budder.. why he gonna do dis..." I mumbled to no one in particular. Sometimes, I wondered if his brain was set straight. As much as I agreed with the guy that gol- I mean, budder, was fantastic, I didn't think it'd help me get much done in that God-forbidden cavern.

...Obviously, considering my current outcome.

Away I hacked and hacked at some stone, minding my own business, when a silhouette moved past me. I quickly turned, ready to bash someones head in- but saw nobody around.

No one was down there with me in the narrow, dark cavern- other than a zombie here and there. They of course, were to stupid to even get out of a hole. Heh.

I wish someone would've been there.

I should have just left.

Maybe if I had, I would still...

I gingerly turned back to the empty hole where the stone I had broke had once been. Breaking another block, I blinked, which was followed by a groan. Shit.

A Cave.

First rule of minecraft- Never, ever go into a cave without torches.

And ol' Ty here didn't have a shit worth of torches.

"Well actually, the first rule is  never dig straight up or straight down." I heard behind me, spinning once again.

"Fuck, I know I didn't imagine that." I turned full body to where the voice had come from and readied my pickaxe in hand. "C'mon! Who's there?!"

Wait, no Tyler- You didn't even say that aloud. If someone was here, they wouldn't even have been able to hear you, stupid.

Ah, I was letting the darkness get to me. I wiped away the sweat on my forehead and turned back to the cave. Against better judgment, I entered through the small hole.


Against better judgement indeed.

I could have stopped myself.

I should have believed that I heard something.

But I didn't.

'Darker in here than it was outside.. lovely. I'd feel a lot more confident if I had maybe some armor, and oh, y'know, a fucking torch.' I thought angrily, thinking back to sky. Ah, I shouldn't have been so mad at the guy- he had a reasonable amount of sense the other 1% of the time. Yeah.

I chuckled to myself and moved onward, trying to fine maybe a pit of lava. It may have been dangerous, but hell, having light was better than being forever surrounded by the dark.

Well now I have no choice in the matter, do I?

Before I made my way into the bigger part of the cave system, I noticed a box. Walking up to it, I realized it was a crafting table, with a few blueprints lying around it...

End portal blue prints.

Huh. These things were pretty difficult to make. Why would someone leave such precious blue prints here-


Or maybe they still were still in the cave.

I checked around the crafting table, moving through the blue prints and chunks of rubble until I came upon a diamond pickaxe. Perfect! I could finally use this instead of the budder. I stopped before reaching for it- why on minecraft would someone leave perfectly fine diamond in a cave-- what if they came back and saw it was gone? They would know I was here.

They already do know you're there, stupid.

I really was in a pickle, as stupid as that sounded. Was I to take it? Or leave that precious, lovely, diamond beauty there alone in the cold-

'God what the hell- I'm taking it.'

I picked it up and got rid of a few budder pickaxes.

It felt so good to know I could get something done!

But then I turned.


Dropped the pick and fell on my ass.

Breathing heavily, I looked up.

The blue suit looked as if it was meant for space travel, for it was accompanied by a helmet, much like an astronauts. The head was turned downwards, looking at me.

"Oh! Jason!" I smiled, still a little startled. Where in hell had he come from? It was always easy to hear him approach because of the metal suit...

"Hey man, what're you doin'?" He spoke. His..voice...

"Uhm... Sky sent me down here for some more budder."

"Budder?" He replied.

What the...

"Yeah, y'know... budder...? Gold? Sky's baby? " I stood up. " Jason, you okay?"

He stared for what seemed like hours. "Oh, yeah, I just hit my head on the way down here! Heh, sorry Ty. Yeah yeah, I understand."

"Hit yer head? Doesn't that suit of yours protect against that?" I laughed.

He stayed silent, still staring. It felt... odd. The air. Like it had gotten colder. The longer his gaze went my way, the chillier it got.

"Uh, well, I think I'll just come back in the morning. You wanna come back with me? Where do you li-"


I traced my fingers alone my cheek. Blood. "What the hell Ja- oof!"

Next thing I knew, we rolled and rolled around, both throwing punches, kicks, scratches.... My knuckles started to bleed from only being able to hit his suit, which was as hard as a rock.

Eventually, I was on the ground as he stood. He gave my ribs a few kicks.

But I felt about seven break.

"Augh!" I screamed as he kicked me over, and over.

Then.. he laughed.

I looked at him, my headphones were awry on my head, my hair a mess.

"God, Tyler. You really do put up a good fight." He laughed again.

That.. voice...

"Who the hell are you?!" I attempted a yell, but winced at the pain in my ribs.

Gas blew out from the tubs on his helmet, and he removed it.

My eye's widened at the boy before me, who was certainly not the Jason I knew.

In fact

If he looked like anybody I knew---


was me.

His eyes though, shone an ominous purple- they glew like.. almost like fire. Purple sparks began to float around him. I heard yet another chuckle escape his lips as he bent down to my eye level. His toothy grin showed sharp, almost canine like teeth. I gasped as his hand made it's way to my neck, strangling me.

" Do I look familiar, Tyler? DO I?!" He yelled... he almost sounded.. angry?

"I.." I began to speak in a raspy voice "can't... b-b-breath.. s-stop... What have you d-done with J-Jason...?!"

His eyes narrowed and his grin turned into a soft smirk, the grip around my neck loosened. I tried to catch my breath, but it nearly felt as if he was still strangling me...

"Jason? ...Oh, he must be the one who owned the suit. I simply saw you two walking one day and decided to take this form as camouflage." That damned smirk was still on his face... " Huh. It must have worked rather well."

"H-how long have you-"

"Been around you all? A month, maybe two. I would switch away from you all from time to time, give Jason the memories I had with you guys... heh. Etc..." He stood and gave me one last stomp on my stomach and blood trailed from my mouth and nose.

"W-why...?!" I reached out, but he slammed my hand down with his foot. I felt bones crack.

"It doesn't matter, Tyler." He said blankly as he began to turn.

"Tell me why dammit!" I yelled, my voice cracking. I felt my eyes tear up.

He simply turned his head and gave a grin I'll never forget-

one of malice.

One with a complete, utter need to kill.

One of a mad man.

"Because, Deadlox .." He bent down to me once again, and went to my ear "The END is near."

My head was in the crook of his neck as he stayed at my ear. My eye's wide, I could see the world in front of me blur as I heard my speaker turn on...

"Heyheyhey, Ty! What's takin' ya so long man? It's almost morning!"




I tried to talk, but all I could muster up was:




I felt this... "other me" smirk into my neck as he vanished.

"Ty?... Ty what's going o-"

"It'S hIs END AdAm~!"... that voice sounded so distorted.. much like...

an endermens screech.

"Jason?" I heard "...Jason wh- AUGH!" I heard a blood curling scream erupt from Adam.

"Sky.." I teared up.

His mic, which were attached to his sun-glasses, dropped to the floor. I heard it be picked up though.. Maybe he was okay..?




God please no...!

"Are you there, Tyler? Or have you met your fate already?"

I stayed silent. I could just feel that fucking smile on his face again...

I couldn't really speak right then anyway... It hurt to much. The blurring world around me began to fade to a deep purple.

Well, Ty, seems you'll be departing soon.

My breath raspy, I searched for the words to say. I tried to utter out a few, but all I got out was ""

"Who am I?" He repeated what I was trying to say, and laughed. It was a sketchy, creaky laugh that echoed through the cave system. I heard small sounds of endermen in the distance.

"I am Enderlox."
I transferred it here, I hadn't realized it took up a lot of room on the devinaition page~~~

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